Perrin Oglafa – FOR ARTIST PAGE

IMG_4616 copyPerrin Oglafa was born in 1971 in Nigeria. He holds a B.Ed degree from Rivers State College of Education (now Ignatius Ajuru University of Education), Rivers State, Nigeria. Oglafa’s work involves an application of diverse media ranging from acrylic to goache and textured surfaces. They engage vast thematic scheme that border between humanoid forms and abstraction. A consistent full-time studio artist, Oglafa has participated in numerous shows in Africa and at the Bridgeman in the U.K. as he continues his drive in an education of viewers and collectors of his work on the appreciation of historical culture of Africa and value of same.

Oglafa’s oeuvre is complex and wide ranging, spanning miniature installations of goache on paper and large pieces of paintings done in vibrant hues and wild brush strokes. These paintings follow tortuous journeys where figures are depicted in almost child-like form serving as metaphors of strong satirical flavor.

Oglafa’s work can be found in private and public collections in Nigeria, Italy, France, and the U.K.